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Orthopaedics is the field of surgery that deals with injuries to and problems with the musculoskeletal system.  Our department offers a full range of elective (non-emergency) and trauma (emergency) services including day surgery and complex inpatient surgery. We are a tertiary referral centre for sub specialties such as foot and ankle, upper limb, knees and hips. We work closely in conjunction with the Trust's rheumatology department and allied services such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy to help patients rehabilitate.


Fracture clinics

This department looks after patients who have been diagnosed in either of our emergency departments with a fracture, or have been sent to hospital by their GP with a suspected fracture. The fracture clinic forms part of the outpatients department and deals with both acute fractures and orthopaedic conditions.

Upper limb

Hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder surgery

Complex limb trauma, non-unions, deformity correction

Performing osteotomy (the surgical cutting or removal of a piece of bone to alter alignment) and applying external fixation in post-traumatic deformity allows for gradual correction and has been shown to improve functional outcomes, including cases complicated by leg length discrepancy and soft tissue compromise.

Deformity correction

Foot and ankle service

Common foot problems, complex deformity corrections

Knee service

Acute knee injuries including sports injuries, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction, arthroscopic and joint replacement surgery, including revision surgery

Hip service

Primary and revision joint replacement surgery including young adult hip problems.

Joint School


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