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Vascular Surgery


Vascular interests include carotid artery, aneurysmal and peripheral vascular disease. We offer a full range of interventions for varicose veins including endovenous ablation. The surgical team is also supported by interventional radiology and we have an active endovascular programme for the management of abdominal aortic aneurysms. Also offered is a service for hyperhidrosis and lymphoedema.


Carotid artery, aneurysmal and peripheral vascular disease

The main locations are the legs, stomach, kidneys, and neck (carotid) arteries leading to the brain. When plaque clogs a vessel, blood supply is reduced and clotting risk increases. Risk factors for peripheral artery disease are the same as for coronary artery disease.

Abdominal aortic aneurysms

An abdominal aortic aneurysm is an enlarged area in the lower part of the aorta, the major blood vessel that supplies blood to the body. The aorta, about the thickness of a garden hose, runs from your heart through the center of your chest and abdomen.


Hyperhidrosis is a condition characterized by abnormally increased sweating, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. Although primarily a physical burden, hyperhidrosis can deteriorate quality of life from a psychological, emotional, and social perspective.


Lymphoedema is a long-term (chronic) condition that causes swelling in the body's tissues. It can affect any part of the body, but usually develops in the arms or legs. It develops when the lymphatic system doesn't work properly.


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