Dr Ian Stone


Consultant Physician in Respiratory, Sleep and General Internal Medicine


Dr. Ian Stone qualified in medicine from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2003 with honours in Physiology and obtaining a Bsc(hons) in Pharmacology and Toxicology.

He undertook his training in London, with time spent at The London Chest, Royal Brompton and Harefield, St. Bartholomew’s, The Royal Free, The Royal London and St Mary’s Hospitals.

He was subsequently awarded a fellowship to undertake research into the effects of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease a smoking related lung disease and its treatment on cardiac structure and function using advanced imaging techniques including cardiac MRI. The work undertaken has,and continues, to be presented at international conferences and resulted in multiple peer-reviewed publications and awards, including those from the British Lung Foundation. For this work he was awarded a PhD degree from the University of London.

Prior to taking up his current post at Northwick park and Central Middlesex Hospitals Dr Ian Stone was the Consultant co-lead for the development of Integrated Respiratory Services in the Borough of Hillingdon.  He was involved in GP training and organised public and patient education events. As part of that role Dr Stone worked as a Consultant at Harefield Hospital in sleep medicine and was the co-lead for the development of the unexplained breathlessness service.
His current role  

Dr Stone manages patients with the entire range of respiratory conditions.  He is currently the Trust Lead at LNWUH NHS trust for Sleep Medicine where over 500 sleep studies are undertaken and personally reported by Dr Stone.  As a Consultant Respiratory Physician he is consulted about cough, breathlessness, wheezing, sputum, coughing up blood, chest pains, snoring, and all other symptoms related to the lungs. He treats patients with persistent cough, breathlessness, asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema COPD, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, chest infections, pneumonia, TB, bronchiectasis, pulmonary nodules, pleural disease, pleural effusion, pulmonary embolism, sarcoidosis, pneumothorax and sleep apnoea.  

He is an experienced bronchoscopist including standard and endobronchial ultrasound guided - EBUS - biopsies and undertakes respiratory fitness to fly testing and cardio-pulmonary exercise testing.

Dr Stone has extensive experience of acute, general and emergency medicine. He is involved in the acute on-call rota at Northwick Park admitting up to 50 emergencies per day.  He is a Member of the Royal College of Physicians and a member of the British Thoracic Society and European Respiratory Society.


Unexplained breathlessness
COPD and Bronchiectasis
Sleep Medicine
Flexible bronchoscopy and Endobronchial Ultrasound

Recent publications

Lung Deflation and Cardiovascular Structure and Function in COPD: A Randomized, Controlled Trial

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American Journal Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine 2016 Apr 1;193(7):717-26.

Handbook of mechanical ventilation – A user’s guide

Published by the Intensive Care Foundation; Edited by Hugh Montgomery, Published 2016

Moving from the Oslerian paradigm to the post-genomic era: Are Asthma and COPD out-dated terms?

Lowie Vanfleteren, Janwillem Kocks, Ian S Stone et al Thorax. 2014 Jan; 69(1): 72-9 (review)

Reporting standards in cardiac MRI, CT and SPECT diagnostic accuracy studies:

Analysis of the impact of STARD criteria E. Maclean, IS Stone, F Celeen et al European Heart

Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging. 2014 Jun; 15(6): 691-700

Raised Troponin In COPD: Clinical Implications And Possible Mechanisms Ian S Stone,

Steffen E Petersen, Neil C Barnes Heart. 2013 Jan; 99(2): 71-2 (editorial)

Professional memberships


Indemnity(all major insurers).

New consultancy fees (if not fee assured) £220.

F/u consultancy fees £150.


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